SYNERGY provides customers with a complete end-to-end OEM/ODM solution from product 3D design, PCB layout design and packaging design to the manufacturing of the finished product. This one-stop-shop approach ensures our customers are doing business with us hassle free.

SYNERGY is an ISO9002 certified manufacturer. We have Japan imported plastic injection machine, reliable testing equipment, SMT lines and automatic/semi-automatic production lines. We perform quality inspections at each stage of production, which comply with MIL-STD 105 and with an AQL of 1.0/2.5. All of our products come with CE, FCC and RoHS marks. With our hundreds of highly experienced workers, we can deliver more than 200,000 pieces of finished products every month.

SYNERGY is very cost competitive. We have strong partnership with our raw material suppliers and solution providers such as Actions, Rockchip, and ChinaChip,Telechip etc. With their full support, SYNERGY can deliver innovative products with high quality and low costs.

Last but not least, SYNERGY has a very strong sales team. Our sales experts are fluent in English, fully-trained in our products, and always stay abreast of the consumer electronics market. Our sales experts can clearly understand the needs of our customers and can provide professional advice to help our customers succeed in the market.

SYNERGY will continuously research and develop innovative products that our customers need. In this respect, SYNERGY¡¯s challenge continues¡­..